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Wall painting

At the beginning of III millennium before the new era, Egyptian artists began to paint the walls of tombs. In Minoan art, on the island of Crete, for the first time the walls of the buildings started to have wall-paintings, dating from 1700 BC. In Roman homes of the I century BC, preserved in Pampei, Herculanium, Ostia, the wall paintings, implemented in wax colors prevails in the interior. The second birth, in Europe, of monumental painting of walls was achieved thanks to the genius of Giotto di Bondone. The outstanding master of wall painting of the Renaissance period - Fra Angelico, Mazachcho, Piero dela Francesca. UNnmatched heights in this technique was achieved by Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo.

From the reign of Peter the Great in Russia the monumental wall painting is beginning to be used in Russia, with interior decoration.

Currently, wall painting is widely used in interior decoration, it creates a special charm, excites the imagination and surprising transfigures the interior. Today, wall paintings became very popular. By using wall painting there is huge possibility to create different effects, they can expand or extend space to dissolve unwanted protuberances or doors, turn the wall at the garden leading of into the prospect or the sea, increase the height of the ceiling. A variety of ornaments, paintings and genre scenes give the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of different countries, cultures and times. WAll painting can be both the interior decoration, and design of exterior facades and other architectural structures.

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